St Nicholas at Wade sets 1-9 December as Nicholasfest 2012


(Kent, 11 September)

Come December villagers of this irenic village off the A28 will know more about the village's name and its saint than they ever imagined.


"It is all about bringing people together, and who better to do that then the true and only Santa Claus, St Nicholas one-time bishop in what is now Turkey, a city called Myra," said the Parish Priest, Fr Jim Rosenthal.


There are other saint Nicholas villages, at least 2 in Wales, and Deeping St Nicholas and Combe St Nicholas in England. 440 churches are named for the saint in the UK.


The party will last 1 - 9 of December, with events ranges from music and food to music and church services. So far special guests will include the Bishop of Dover and the Dean of Canterbury.


The local pubs are in on the planning with the Bell Inn offering a Lunch with St Nick and the Sun Inn will set up a St Nicholas Grotto, both on Saturday 1 December.


A special "Patronal Festival" will be held on St Nicholas Day, Thursday the 6th at 6.30 p.m. followed by a candlelight procession and hot drinks at the pubs. 

On December 9, Sunday, a Gala Concert with the Boys Choir of Rochester Cathedral and the 70 Chamber Choir of Thanet will sing a cantata of the saint's life composed by famed British composer Benjamin Britten. The music is in the hands of Cliiford Lister, Scott Farrell and Ben Jones. A new hymn written for the village (by Father Jim) will makes its premiere. Gala party and all for £12 in advance from the Vicarage.

The event is sponored by the unique and timely St Nicholas Society, featured on Channel 4 4Thought last Boxing Day.

Full support is coming from the Parish Council of St Nicholas at Wade with Sarre. Many events will take place in the newly refurbished church. The Bishop of Dover will bless the new work at a 7 p.m. Service on Wednesday, 5th December, all are welcome. Refreshments will be served.


There is a dedicated website:

Among the charitable causes will be money to education 3 young Palestinian woman from Beit Jala in Bethlehem University.  The village has St Nicholas as its "Father", as legend says in lived in a cave (still preserved) in the local St Nicholas Othodox Church.


If you want really different, unique and stunning photo and interview ops then join us, all media welcome. Certain events will be first-registered first offered. 01843 447791.



















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